Soda Maker Advice

When you want a soda maker, but you really don’t know which one is the right one for you and your family. You feel stumped and lost. Those days of confusion are over. This article will inform you of the price, different styles available, pros, cons, and much more. You’ll be ready to make the right choice after this.

                                    Cost Effective & Pros & Cons

            As humans we often worry about money. Some people have the money to spend, but most are on a budget. Here are some cost-effective soda makers.

            Hamilton Beach Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker: As far as cost goes, this is one of the cheapest soda makers on the market today, and its compact. The price runs at about $16.o0. This is a great price for the device. The Pros to the Fizzini begins with the fact that it works very well in any space. It is extremely cost effective and soda is made very quickly and with ease. Some reviews mention that if you can follow directions, then you can use this soda maker. Some Cons to this soda maker include: this machine has been known to leak a lot. There is confusion about the canisters and whether they are recyclable. Sometimes the water has a funky and weird taste to it.  Some say that it broke after a few uses and that its cheap for a reason. There are rumors that the company is working on a better version of this, you’ll find out from me, if this occurs.

            Big Boss Soda Boss, Soda Making Machine: The price of this soda maker is $39.99. Also, a great price for the machine. Some of the Pros of this maker are: it is cheap and effective. The cons outweigh the pros with this soda maker. There are many reviews that state not to buy this product and that it doesn’t work well at all.

 Coming after that in price is the SodaStream Fountain Home Soda Maker Kit, which costs $49.99.  The pros on this product are: making drinks is fun, great for anyone of any age. Reviews also discuss that this is a great product for the environment. Its cheaper than buying sodas. This model looks good in the kitchen and is a space saver. Many flavors to choose from. The cons: making drinks then waiting to get cold takes a while. People do not like washing the bottles. Not as good as real soda.

Followed by, SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker, which costs $59.00. This is one the cheapest SodaStream products on the market. Other SodaStream machines get costly ranging from $65.99- $250.00. Pros are: Improved their lives, saves money, well worth it, great alternative to soda, and works great plus easy to setup. The cons: this model is awful, poorly made, doesn’t work very well at all, broke in 2 weeks, does not take long to break, absolute nightmare, and poor instructions. Now you have an idea of what to purchase for soda makers.

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