Should You Opt For A Home Meat Grinder?

Yes, you should. Indeed, with home meat grinders, one can have the advantages of convenience, being healthy, as well as preparing delicious food to enjoy with your family.

Based on long years of experience with electric food grinders, every kitchen needs to have such a machine. Steaks and stew meat are easily prepared into ground meat, which can then be used for the chili when the neighbor drops by unexpectedly.

These machines can be used for the convenience of grinding the meat quickly and easily for the health conscience and for the picky eaters.

However, the big challenge here is how to choose the best model among the available models of electric meat grinders.

You must have the right guide to buy meat grinder. Otherwise, you will end up losing your time and money. Reveal here 5 killer tips to target the best model.

Tips For Finding A Meat Grinder Suiting Your Needs

Tip (1): Check the power of your machine:

Practically, the power of professional meat grinders normally ranges from 150 to 1,000 watts, depending on how much meat you will grind. If you have the right power, then the process will go fine and easy.

In this context, it makes a lot of sense to have an idea how much meat you usually like to grind. For a normal house operation, 300 watt models should be enough.

Tip (2): Check the reverse option:

Commercial meat grinders should have a reverse switch in case of any jams that may occur. The cutting blades must be made of steel for long lasting durability and sharpness.

Hence, you should check if your target model has this option.  Many housewives do the mistake of underestimating the benefit behind this option till they experience the first jam. Indeed, this option is one of the best benefits that manual meat grinders do not offer.

Tip (3): Check the number of plates:

You should also ask the store how many different plates the grinder comes with. If you need to change the plates often, this will affect the fineness of the meat that is minced.

However, for this point, there is no unique answer. It all depends on how often you use the grinder and how many kilograms you like to grind.

Tip (4): Check the option of different sausage funnels:

If you are planning to make different size sausages, you should make sure the grinder you choose comes with different sausage funnels. This is one of the most important criteria, when it comes to electric meat slicers.

Also, last but not least, these appliances have moving parts, which may break down just like any other electrical appliance. Warranties are normally up to one year although the motor may be under warranty for longer than a year.

In other words, opt for electric meat grinders that have at least 1 year warranty. Adding to this, you should check the refund and return policy of the company.

Tip (5): Check online reviews:

Buying an electric meat grinder without having a look at what others say is really a bad idea. Browsing online forums will help you to learn from others’ mistakes and, as a result, you will save your time and money.

However, be careful of biased reviews that are written by the companies themselves to push you buying their products. I would opt for a certain electric meat grinder, if I found at least 3 independent positive reviews.


Thanks to the modern technology, getting minced meat is not difficult any more. Electric meat grinders do a great job of making this job easier to us.

These machines can work on almost any type of raw meat, e.g. beef, chicken, fish and turkey. They are usually associated with screens that have distinct size holes in them. This way, one can control the size of the outcome meat.

Q1: Why one should decide to switch to electric food grinders?

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting readily grinded meat, no one knows what has been added during the process. Hence, having electric meat grinders permits you to make sure that nothing went wrong during the process.

That is why opting for meat grinders for sale is the optimal solution for those who care a lot about making everything on their own at home. Online forums tell us that around 50% of the buyers are mothers who feel worry about their children.

Q2: How does a professional meat grinder work?

Practically, electric meat grinders force the meat to pass through a metal plate, also called a screen, with holes.

As the meat is extruded, it takes the form of long threads based on the size of the holes used. The plates you use make very fine or very coarse threads.

Q3: Do you know something about the earliest versions?

In fact, the earliest versions of these machines were hand cranked. In the meantime, you can still get manual meat grinder, which is even relatively cheap.

However, I would not advise you to do this as manual machines are hard to use and very time consuming.

Q4: What are the top benefits behind electric meat grinders?

Home chefs and gourmet cooks alike enjoy experimenting with new recipes and electric meat grinders are a great benefit to them.

These machines will help to eliminate the intake of fats, salts, and other additives. Indeed, these devices can save you a lot of time compared to manual grinders. Most come with three cutting plates: 3/16 inch, ¼ inch, and ½ inch.

Q5: What should you make sure of?

In fact, many people forget to check if their target machine has a food-pushing tool. This will help to speed up the whole process and, as a result, it will save you a lot of time.

One more feature to check, if your home meat grinder has a reversing function. This will help a lot to clear clogged grinders, if the meat gets jammed inside.

Q6: What should this machine cost you?

Indeed, the answer depends on the type of machine you are interested in. If you own a restaurant, then you should opt for industrial meat grinders. In this case, you may end up paying around $1000 per unit.

On the other side, if your machine is for home uses, then you can get a good one for only $100. In this context, do not get cheated by cheap electric meat grinders. Do not make any compromises, when it comes to the quality of your machine.

Q7: What are the top models available now?

There are some top brand names that consistently score high in reviews. They are Krups, KitchenAid, Waring, Cabelas, Torrey, Oster, Hobart, Villaware, Biro and Rival.

You can find all these brands online and do a comparison of their features. You can also try auction sites like Amazon and eBay and you may be able to find one at a real bargain.

Is An Electric Meat Grinder Right For You?

Before choosing to do so, you must first be aware of the advantages of buying such devices in order for you to evaluate if such an electric meat grinder is truly suitable for your daily kitchen and cooking needs.

Another thing to consider is the disadvantages of purchasing a meat grinder of such nature so that you could have a matrix of comparison as to which would serve as the best one to buy among a great number of choices.

One advantage is that it has an electric motor, which would do most of the work for you. All you have to do in operating an electric meat grinder is to press a specific button, depending on your desired result, and the machine will do the rest.

You just have to literally sit back and relax. The effort in manually putting in labor to grind up meat is now gone as an electric meat grinder would do all those things for you. It simply implies that the operation time is constant and guaranteed quicker than doing it manually. Yes, it may be pricey for a meat grinder, which may be one disadvantage for you, but you can turn it into an advantage as you would have more time and energy to grind up meat in shorter periods of time, which may ultimately lead you away from having to go to your meat butchers.

And besides, even if an electric meat grinder has a costly price tag, it is still relatively cheaper than most kitchen appliances of the same kind. This is because of the simplicity of the machine in terms of its design and manner of operation. However, even if it is simple, the results are always at par and this is exactly why buying an electric meat grinder is truly a bargain for you as a cook, housewife and a homemaker all rolled up into one.

If you are using an electric meat grinder, be sure the unit is unplugged whenever you are connecting or disconnecting parts. Be careful that you do not accidentally cut a finger or hand while the meat is being sliced into small pieces. Hands and fingers should never go into a hand meat grinder or an electric meat grinder.

All food being ground should be put into the appliance with the food pusher provided with the machine by the manufacturer. Once the grinding has started, allow the blades to cut the meat and push it through the tool. Never put your fingers or hands into the grinder to force the meat through the machine.

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